F.O.R. is a gift collection created by an international design team. Every F.O.R. item is aiming to make the world better. F.O.R. improves each everyday use object and creates a new entity.

Leaf Wallet
  • Style
  • Money
  • Philosophy
  • New story

Every F.O.R item carries the certain philosophy. F.O.R. represents a live brand message which you can see, hear or feel. It interacts with the world around and creates new stories every day.

Core Stress Reliever
  • Part
  • Unit
  • Business
  • Identity

F.O.R. brand contributes to reveal the true identity of the companies and transmit their core values through gifts. F.O.R. items are ready-made gifts.

Leaf Explorer Wallet
  • Style
  • Adventure
  • Life
  • You

Make your own choice.

Quick USB Flash Drive
  • Speed
  • Life